Define Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is essential for any business. It’s not only search engine marketing that’s important, there are many aspect of digital marketing that you can leverage to grow your business. Social media, email marketing, sales funnels, display ads and content marketing are all useful ways to drive traffic. Maybe you do a few of these things, perhaps you do them all. Either way, it’s imperative to know EXACTLY who you are targeting.

One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself when running a business is who is your ideal customer? You may have multiple ideal customers or you may have a very specific target audience. In order to position yourself  correctly to your target market, it’s important to be very clear on who your ideal customers are.

It might seem like a good idea to target as many people as possible. A large target audience surely means more potential customers…  Not necessarily. If the answer to the question ‘who is your target audience’ is something broad and general such as ‘women’ or ‘business owners’, it’s going to be difficult to map out a clearly defined marketing strategy.

By identifying exactly who you are marketing to, it makes it easier to formulate a digital marketing strategy designed to reach the people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. There is no point wasting time and effort (and money!) by putting your business in front of those who have no interest in it.

Less Is More

When talking about reaching people with your content or driving traffic to a website, it’s often considered that success lies in high volume numbers and that you should reach as many people as possible to maximise sales potential. Whilst there is some truth in this, it’s important to segment your audience instead of targeting the masses. High volumes of traffic that doesn’t convert isn’t going to make you any money. Small volumes of highly targeted traffic that are interested in your services is more likely to result in new customers.

Ideal Avatar

You may have heard the term customer avatar. Most brands have one. This is simply an overview of the ideal customer for a particular business. You can give your avatar a name and a full identity to help you establish exactly who your perfect customer is. It’s not always possibly to segment your target audience down into one single ideal, some companies will have multiple avatars. It’s very helpful to visualise your perfect customer in order to work out what content to create that will appeal to them and how to reach them with your campaigns.

A Clear Message

In order to target your ideal customer, it’s important to have a clear, concise and distinct marketing statement or pitch. Make sure it’s clear exactly what you do, who you help and how you help them. Explain exactly what issues you can solve and what you do to solve them. Once you know have this nailed, it’s simply just a case of getting your information in front of the right people. Whichever marketing method you choose, make sure you are targeting your ideal customers who are likely to have in interest in what you are offering.

Content Strategy

Any good marketing strategy needs good content. Whether you are creating content for your website, social media or emails marketing, keep your target audience in mind and create content that of value and of interest to them. Any sales pages on your website should resonate with your readers. Write conversion focussed copy designed to sell your products or services. Your blog articles should provide useful information, establish trust and position yourself as an expert within your industry.

Be Visible

A common misconception when running or building a business is people will automatically find your website as soon as it’s live. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you don’t promote your business and you don’t have a marketing strategy in place, it will be difficult for people to find you online. It’s important to stand out amongst your competitors if you are serious about driving your business forward. In order to be visible you need to put your content in front of your target audience.

Identify you exact target market, know their pain points and how you solve them, have a clear marketing statement and create content with your target audience directly aimed at your target audience. There are many different ways to market your business and increase your visibility. Digital marketing is a vast topic and there are many different marketing channels you can utilise. Some businesses will have a marketing strategy that covers all channels and some will stick to a few. Social media seems to be popular amongst businesses owners, but there are many other ways to drive traffic to your products or services.

Knowing which marketing channels are right for your business is essential when trying to reach a particular audience.

Which Marketing Channels

Once you know exactly who you are targeting, it can be difficult to know where to focus your attention. There are so many different ways of marketing your business online. How do you establish what is best for your business?

Most businesses utilise social media platforms. Social media is one of the most popular digital marketing channels, even those with no knowledge of online marketing will likely have a social media strategy for their business. It’s not as easy as it once was though, particularly with platforms such as facebook. With organic reach becoming harder to obtain, more business are turning to advertising to get their posts seen.

Email marketing, sales funnels, PPC display advertising and SEO are all viable ways to drive targeted traffic to your website. Once you know exactly who you are targeting, you can use any of these methods to make sure they find your business.

With search engines becoming one of the most popular ways to find products and services online, it’s important to be visible or potential customers find your competitors instead of you. We strongly believe the every business should utilise SEO in some form to avoid missing out on people that are actively looking for your products or services.

Bring Your Ideal Customers Directly To You

SEO brings your ideal customer directly to you. It is a highly beneficial means of driving traffic and increasing your online presence. One of the main benefits of search engine optimisation is the ability to target the people that are actively searching for the services you provide. This highly targeted approach enables you to drive your ideal audience to your website.

SEO is a long term and sustainable method of increasing traffic, whereas paying for ads provides short term results. A strong search engine presence will drive traffic to your site consistently.  We strongly recommend that every businesses utilises SEO in some form so as not to miss potential customers that are looking for the services you provide.

Hello Page One provide a number of services to help improve your online presence and attract your ideal customers. Contact us for more info 🙂 

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