Why You Should Include a Blog On Your Business Website

Your website exists to showcase your business and show your target audience what you can do for them and what you have to offer. Your sales pages, service pages or product pages are there to promote what you are selling… so why would you need to add any additional content? Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to include a blog on your business website. 

Share Your Expertise

You know a lot about your area of work and chances are, you’re an expert in your field. So why not share your knowledge? This is not only helpful for your readers, it also provides plenty of opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise and position yourself as an expert in your industry.

Build Trust

People will generally make a purchase based on trust. Getting someone to buy from you is about more than the services you provide or the products you sell. A faceless business isn’t particularly engaging. Trust is built by being open and present within your business. Let your readers see you and give them an insight into the person / people behind the words on the screen. Blog articles are a great way to show personality and define your voice as a brand. You can even include videos to inject some personality into your content and let your audience get to know you, your team and the brains behind the business.

People Will Stay On Your Site Longer

When someone lands on your website, the longer they continue to browse your content the better. Interesting articles and useful information will keep your visitors on your site for longer. You can include call to actions in your posts or your sidebar to encourage users to engage or get in touch. You can also include social sharing icons to entice people to share your content.

More Traffic

You can share your blogs across all of your social media channels, resulting in more
exposure. You can also encourage people to share your posts on their social networks.
Having more content on your website also means that there are more pages for a search
engine to index. Adding fresh content gives you more opportunity to target additional
keywords, meaning more of your pages will potentially show up in the search results. (Don’t write content just for the sake of it though, remember to always provide value for your readers.)

Internal Links

You may have heard about the importance of building external links to your website but
internal links are also important. Internal linking is the process of linking your pages to
other pages on the same site. This helps direct readers to further information, it also helps a search engine crawl the pages. Always link to relevant pages and use accurate anchor text (anchor text is the text that is clicked on to take you to the link.) Having a blog provides lots more internal linking opportunities than your pages alone.

Content Marketing

One of the best ways to increase your traffic is to promote your content. Techniques such as outreach and digital PR involve the promotion of content to get it seen by those who will be interested in it. Having a great article is far more effective for content marketing than a sales page. It is also much easier to acquire links to informative and engaging articles.

Share News and Stories

Your blog is a great way to inform your readers about what is going on in your industry and keep them up to date. Not all of your articles have to be industry specific though. Why not give your readers an insight into your business and share your company news and stories. Let your readers know what you are up to and what interesting things your business is working on. There is a good chance they will be more likely to engage with you or get in touch.

Promote Your Services

Info about your products and services doesn’t have to limited to your sales pages, you can use your blog to promote what you do too. You can write a detailed article about a particular product or talk about your services in more detail. The articles can be shared across social media to reach more people. Blog articles will also provide additional opportunity to show up in the search results, it’s not only your home pages and sales pages that can attract traffic 🙂 . 

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