SEO Solutions For Small Businesses,
Freelancers and Startups

We provide SEO services designed to improve your search engine presence. We’ll take care of everything for you so you can concentrate on running your business. We also provide web design services if you are looking to move your site to WordPress or if you want to revamp your existing site. 

Our SEO Setup is ideal for you if you aren’t yet looking for monthly SEO services but still want to set your site up for SEO success. Our ‘Beat Your Local Competitors’ package takes things a step further, we’ll increase your online presence and make sure your website can be found easily. We’ll create content for you, keep an eye on your competitors and boost your local rankings. Our premium option is designed to rank your website for competitive terms and includes content marketing and digital PR to increase brand awareness and inbound links.

Our services are fully transparent, you can see exactly what we do here

SEO Setup and Content Optimisation (one off fee)


One Off Fee

This is ideal for you if you aren’t looking for monthly SEO services but still want to hit the ground running and make sure the foundations are in place to set your business up for SEO success.  We’ll fully optimise your content, we’ll make sure your pages are structured correctly, we’ll optimise your images and we’ll create compelling descriptions and page titles to entice people to click. We’ll also provide an action plan with simple tips to follow should you wish to continue with your SEO yourself. There is no commitment with this service and no monthly  fees. 

Get Ahead of Your Competitors



Not only will we fully optimise your website, we’ll also do a full website analysis, conduct keyword research, boost your local visibility, keep an eye on your competitors and create SEO friendly content. We can also manage and optimise your blog so you don’t have to worry about adding new content. This is ideal for you if you are results focussed and ready to take your business to the next level. We’ll also provide regular traffic and ranking reports as well as full, ongoing email support. This service gets results and we’ll rank you for keywords that drive traffic. 

A Competitive, Results Focussed Strategy



Our premium service is designed to rank your website for competitive search terms. This is ideal for local or national business as well as startups and SME’s. We know that you’re ready to grow your business and we’re here to get you results. We’ll thoroughly analyse your website, optimise your pages, conduct detailed keyword research, competitor analysis and SERP analysis. We’ll make sure your site converts and we’ll also promote your content via Content Marketing and Digital PR to increase brand awareness and inbound links.


Our SEO setup is ideal for small businesses and sole traders as well as newly launched sites. If you have done no SEO at all, this is a great starting point and will help to make sure that you website is setup for SEO success. 

Our ‘Beat Your Competitors’ package is also idea for small businesses, freelancers and new websites but this is also great for medium sized companies and SME’s. The addition of competitor analysis, keyword research and content creation will help to give you an edge over the competition as well as help you attract a local audience. 

Our premium option is for serious businesses who want more exposure. We will help to increase your presence locally as well as targeting a national market. The addition of content marketing and digital PR will help to increase your reach by securing content placements and inbound links.  

We understand that not all businesses want to commit to monthly SEO services and that’s exactly why we created our SEO Setup option. This is available for a one time fee with no further commitment.

Our additional packages are available on a monthly basis because SEO is generally an ongoing process. It’s not a quick fix nor does it require a set and forget approach. The idea of SEO is to increase your presence in the search results and get more people viewing your website and we aim to do this with long term, sustainable results. 

We continually monitor your keywords and track performance, we provide detailed reports every month and we assess, calibrate and tweak your campaigns to achieve maximum results. We also provide ongoing content assessments to help you optimise for your current keywords as well as target new keywords. We create new content for you every month, we’ll add new content to your blog and we’ll secure new PR and link building opportunities for you each month with our Premium option. 

An ongoing SEO strategy achieves the best results. We need to continually monitor your competitors to stay a step ahead and we need to be aware of constantly changing search engine guidelines. We are totally flexible though and you can of course cancel at any time. If you only want our services for one month, that’s absolutely fine. There is no fixed term contract, you can cancel any of our plans at any time. We simply do what needs to be done each month, how long we continue to do this for is entirely up to you, no pressure 🙂

If you are looking for support and assistance optimising your website, we do provide a one off seo service (no monthly fee!) that may be of more interest to you than our ‘done for you’ packages. Please see our bespoke SEO strategy for more info. 

Content Marketing and Digital PR is simply a means of promoting your content and putting it in front of those that will find it of interest. This increases brand awareness, drives additional traffic to your websites and attracts inbound links to boost your ranking. 

We aim to provide thorough SEO services at the best possible price. We guarantee that we will do everything we say we’ll do to improve your search engine presence. You will never hear us promise to get you 1st position rankings for all your keywords, this is not possible to predict due to the nature of search engines and the fact that we have no control over your competitors. We provide a detailed and transparent service aimed to boost your search engine presence and attract new customers. 

We don’t tie any of our clients into fixed term contracts, you are free to cancel at any time. SEO is an ongoing process though so we can’t guarantee optimum results if you do cancel after only a short period of time.

We are happy to work with most businesses, however, if you have an ecommerce site or a large business with very specific requirements, you may find that these packages aren’t quite what you are looking for. We created HelloPageOne to cater to the needs of small businesses, local businesses, SME’s and freelancers. Our packages are thorough and detailed but they aren’t right for every website. Please get in touch if you are unsure if our services are right for you. 

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* We don’t sign our clients into fixed term contracts and you are free to cancel anytime, even after the first month. However, due to the nature of search engines and as SEO is an ongoing process and needs constant monitoring, we can’t  guarantee to achieve optimum results should you wish to cancel our services after only a short period of time.