Our SEO Process (In A Lot of Detail)

Our aim is to provide a detailed service without charging the earth. We get that a lot of small businesses, sole traders and startups require SEO services but may not want to commit to spending thousands of pounds each month. 

You’ll find our services pretty comprehensive. We’re SEO Specialists with many years experience. We aim to provide a great service whilst still being accessible and affordable to smaller businesses. 

Here is some information about SEO in more detail if you want to know exactly what we do, we’re very transparent regarding the services we provide and the way we operate. We provide a variety of services to suit different requirements. We also provide training and additional support if you want to do your SEO yourself but need a bit of assistance and direction. 

Not every business will require everything listed below, you can read more about our pricing options on our SEO Packages page.

Read on if you would like to know exactly what SEO process entails. 

Website Audit

We look at your site in detail using advanced reporting tools to establish the areas that require improvement. This helps us to create a strategy for you and focus our efforts in the right places. Our audits are thorough and comprehensive. We look many different technical factors that can affect website performance, we also look at how well optimised your pages are. 

You’ll get a report from us once we have audited your site. A lot of SEO providers provide complicated reports full of metrics and technical jargon. We keep our audits super simple, we don’t feel the need to bombard you with technical terms and a load of complex charts and numbers (unless you’re into that sort of thing!) We get that the technical stuff can be over complicated sometimes so we do our best to keep our reports as simple and jargon free as possible. 

Keyword Research

So what exactly do we mean by a ‘keyword’? A keyword isn’t actually a single word (although it can be). A keyword is a combination of words or a phrase that a user would type into a search engine when looking for information, products or services.

Keyword research is necessary to identify the keywords we should be aiming to target. It’s important to target the right keywords to attract as many visitors as possible that are interested in the services you provide. We look at search volume and how competitive the keywords are. We also focus on searcher intent to make sure we are targeting keywords that will bring relevant traffic. Whilst it’s important to include keywords in your content, it’s also important to write for your readers and use keywords naturally within the content. Using keywords to much or too little can have a negative effect.

The aim of our keyword research is to establish what keywords you are currently targeting, whether these are the best target keywords and to identify any new keywords that we think would be good to aim for. We will then focus on a specified number of target keywords with the aim of boosting your ranking.  

On Page Optimisation

The aim of on page SEO is to make sure search engines can easily crawl and index your site as well as help them to understand what your pages are about. We optimise your website to help increase visibility in the search results. Some of the things we look at include, page titles, meta descriptions, image optimisation, image ALT Text, heading structure, keyword density, URL Structure, internal links, broken links, page content and crawl permissions. On page SEO is pretty crucial, if your pages aren’t optimised correctly, your website is unlikely to perform well in the search results. 

Local SEO

If you are a local business, it’s imperative that your website displays specifically to people within your local area. If you provide a service in Manchester for example, there is no point in marketing your website to people in Scotland. They will have zero interest in buying from you and they are not your target market.

So how do we attract local customers via search engine marketing? We provide local SEO services in all our packages. This involves Google My Business set up and optimisation. Having a Google local listing helps you to show up in the ‘map pack’ results. These results are based on both relevance and proximity, meaning that Google will show results based on the location of the searcher. Pretty handy if you are a local business!


Citations are designed to give a boost in the ‘map pack’ ranking as well as increase the online presence and exposure of your site. A citation is simply a mention of your business name, address and phone number. We submit your site to a number of quality, relevant directories, many of which will also include a web link. Consistent mentions of your NAPW (name, address, phone no, website) helps to establish local relevance and boost your position in the map results as well as provide additional listing on quality sites to attract visitors and increase awareness of your business.

Content Analysis

The aim of a search engine is to provide the best possible results for any given search term. If your site is low on content or doesnt cover the topic in enough detail, chances are, competitors with more thorough and detailed content will rank above you. 

We’re pretty passionate about content and actually, Google is too. Google’s algorithms are specifically looking at the quality of your content. Sites that showcase expertise, authority and trust generally tend to perform better than sites that don’t. The way your site is perceived by your viewers is largely dependent on the quality of your content. Providing a great experience for your readers is exactly what we should be aiming to do. 

First impressions count, right? If your content doesn’t grab the reader’s attention, they are unlikely to stick around. Providing engaging, relevant and unique content will not only help to establish trust, it will also help to maximise the performance of your site. A site that is badly written with hardly any substance is unlikely to engage your readers and convert them into customers.

Trust us when we say content is important. We can’t emphasize this enough. Don’t expect your site to rank well if you only have a few lines of text on your home page or if you have a site that’s full of pictures with very little text. Don’t worry if this sounds daunting, we can help you with your content strategy and we’ll advise if we think improvements need to be made. 

Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Google Search Console is a free tool that enables you to monitor website performance. It provides useful information regarding crawl data and index status (put simply, it tells you if Google can crawl the website and alerts you to any errors.) Google Analytics is also free. It is used to monitor and analyse website traffic. It’s an important tool for marketers and website owners as it provides valuable insight and useful data regarding website visitors.

If you wish to utilise Search Console and Analytics (something we highly recommend!), we’ll get these set up for you and show you how to access the data. 

Monthly Reports

We provide monthly reports for all our clients. We look at the traffic your site is getting as well as ranking movement for your target keywords. It can take time to see movement, particularly if you site is a new site. Don’t worry though, this is perfectly normal, SEO is an ongoing process and the magic doesn’t happen overnight. It would be great if it did but we aren’t superheroes unfortunately, (even if we sometimes like to think we are! 😉)

We use the data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console to assess the performance of your website and compile our reports. If you don’t wish to utilise these free tools that’s no problem at all, we have access to many premium tools which will give us the data we need.

We provide full email support, you can email us anytime if you have any questions and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Competitor Analysis

It’s a good to have an idea of who your main competitors are. Looking at your competitors can help to gain an insight into their SEO strategy. We’re not saying that we will look at your competitors and do exactly what they are doing, quite the opposite in fact, but having an idea of their strengths and weakness can can help generate ideas and gain an insight into what they may be doing that’s working well for them. 

We look at your competitors from an SEO perspective, we look at their content, their social media and their website. We also look at their ranking positions, the keywords they are targeting as well as how many inbound links they have. We’re not trying to copy your competitors by doing this, you do your thing and let them do theirs, we’re simply gaining an insight into what is needed to stay a step ahead. We’re also making sure that we are targeting keywords that we can rank ahead of the competition. 

Content Writing

Having a blog on your website is a great way to showcase your expertise, share industry news and promote your services. We love blogging and we recommend that everyone has a blog on their website. Providing useful, informative informative info for your readers will help to increase the amount of time they spend on the site, increase engagement, increase social shares and help to establish you as an expert in your niche. It’s not only your sales and services pages that can rank on search engines, blog articles can too, you can also share your articles across your social channels to drive more traffic to your site.

We can provide blog articles for any business, simply let us know the topic / title and we will create the article for you. We’ll even provide you with images to use if you need. If you aren’t sure of what topics you would like us to write about, that’s no problem at all, we’ll brainstorm some ideas and help to come up some great content assets for your sites. 

Blog Management

If you are regularly creating new articles for your blog (or we are doing this for you), we can upload all your articles to your site and manage your blog for you. We’ll structure your content so that it is perfectly optimised for search engines, we’ll make sure your images are fully optimised and we’ll add any necessary meta data. We’ll also make sure we include your target keywords whilst adhering to search engine guidelines to avoid over optimisation. 

Content Ideation

We’ll brainstorm content ideas for your blog and help you to come up with topics that will engage with your audience, showcase your expertise and promote your products and services. 

Conversion Analysis

Driving traffic to your website isn’t enough, your website needs to convert your visitors into customers. We’ll look at your site in detail to see why your message isn’t resonating, what you can do to grab your readers attention instantly, how to improve the customer journey and why your call to actions aren’t converting. 

Content Marketing and Digital PR

Our Pro plan includes Content Marketing and Digital PR to increase brand awareness drive inbound links and get more eyes on your content.  Content marketing involves promoting your content and getting it seen by people that will find it of interest. The aim of this is to increase your reach and get your business mentioned on other websites, ideally with the inclusion of a link back to your site. We use a combination of outreach and digital PR to find content placement opportunities.

Content is crucial for the success of any digital PR and outreach campaign so it’s important for us to identify the best content pieces to use. We conduct a thorough content audit of your website to establish what the best performing pieces of content are on your site. We look at which pages are getting the most impressions, traffic and social shares. As well as a content audit, we also conduct a thorough link and anchor text analysis to gain an insight into your current link profile.  

We guarantee a minimum of 3 content placements / links each month designed to help boost your ranking, increase awareness of your brand and drive additional traffic to your website. 

Here at Hello Page One, we put your business first and we’ll never recommend anything you don’t need. Not every business will require all of the above, we provide three SEO package options that cover a range of different services to suit your needs. 

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