Why Your Business Needs SEO

There is no denying that Digital Marketing is crucial for any business. No matter what services you provide or what products you sell, having a strong online presence will help to connect you with potential customers. 

So what exactly do we mean by a strong online presence? This is more than just having a website, there is no point in having a website if no one is viewing it. It also means more than promoting your business on social media. Social media can be a very powerful way to get your message across, but it’s not the only way…

Beyond Social Media

Social media seems to be strong focus point for lots of business owners. Social media should be an integral part of your digital strategy, it’s one of the most popular digital marketing channels and it’s a great way to promote your business and drive traffic to your website. But social media shouldn’t be the only thing you focus on though. Whilst it is an important aspect of online marketing, it’s not the only method of marketing that you should be utilising. 

Highly Targeted Traffic

By leveraging the power of search engines, you can connect with highly targeted web traffic. Wouldn’t it be great to get your website in front of people who are actively searching for the products / services you provide? Of course it would 🙂 This is exactly what SEO can do for you. By targeting relevant search terms, the people who are interested in what you do will find your website when they are searching for products or services. Organic web traffic is one of the best methods to increase your traffic as the people viewing your site are actively looking for the services you provide. 

Your Ideal Customers Will Find You

Wouldn’t it be great if customers came to YOU? You don’t have to do any selling if leads, enquiries and messages are landing in your inbox. By identifying your ideal target market, understanding your ideal customer and having a clear marketing message, you’ll be able to target specific keywords that will lead your ideal customer directly to you. Being found via a Google search is pretty powerful. It leads your perfect customers directly to you without you having to do any selling. 

Get Ahead of the Competition

If you don’t have a strong search engine presence, your potential customers will find your competitors rather than your business. With more and more people relying on search engines to find products and services, it’s more important than ever to stand out. If your website isn’t on page one, a search engine user will simply find one of your competitors instead of you and they’ll have no idea that your business even exists. Improving your search engine presence enables you to put your business in front of your ideal customers, generating more clicks through to your site, resulting in more business opportunities.


SEO isn’t just about increasing search engine ranking and driving traffic to a website. For SEO to be most effective, it’s important to not only drive traffic to your site but to also make sure your web pages successfully convince them to get in touch or make a purchase. Making money is the ultimate aim of your business so this is where the focus should be.

A good SEO company will look at how well your website converts. If you are getting traffic but no sales or enquiries, you are either targeting the wrong audience or your site doesn’t convert well. So what factors contribute to converting web visitors into paying customers? 

  • Firstly, the DESIGN of you website. Is it user friendly? Is it easy to navigate? Is your message clear and concise? A poor design and user experience is unlikely to result in more sales. 
  • Secondly, the CONTENT. Is it clear what services you provide? Is the copy written to convert? Do you have clear call to actions? Is the content well written with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation? A poorly written website leaves a bad impression from the offset and will put people off purchasing from you or hiring you. 
  • Thirdly, technical factors such as site SPEED are important. No one wants to wait ages for a page to load. In fact, if a page takes more then three seconds to load, visitors are likely to leave the website entirely and look for their solution elsewhere. 

Make More Sales

The ultimate aim of SEO is to grow  your business. There isn’t much point in investing in anything that won’t bring you a decent return. By driving targeted traffic to your website, you are more likely to make more sales. It’s a super simple concept… Get found on Google, get more website visitors, resulting more enquiries, more leads and more sales, which means more money, more profit and increased business growth. Winning formula!

Trust and Credibility

People trust Google. The aim of a search engine to return the best possible results for any search term. Google aims to provide the best possible solution or information to any question or query. By finding you at the top of the Google search results, this automatically instills trust and positions your business as a credible and reliable solution to their needs. It’s also incredibly important that your website can be found easily via a brand search. If someone searches for your company name and your website isn’t displayed at the top of the search results, this doesn’t send great signals to the user. If they are searching for you, they are actively interested in your business so it’s not ideal if they aren’t directed to your website. It also wont position your business as being particular credible or authoritative if Google isn’t even dirsplaying you for your company or brand name.

Long Term Strategy

Many marketing channels provide short term results or a temporary boost. Any sort of paid advertising either via PPC or social media advertising will only provide results for a specific period of time. Even if your ads remain live for a defined period, the boost in traffic isn’t always going to be sustainable long term. SEO isn’t a quick fix, not is it likely to get results overnight. SEO is a long term, sustainable strategy designed to grow your business consistently. No one can ever guarantee that page one rankings are permanent but as long as your strategy has been implemented correctly and you keep an eye on your competitors, there is no reason for your rankings to drop over time. 

Billions of Online Searches

This may sound like an exaggeration but it actually isn’t. There are literally billions of Google searches happening every day. Of course, they aren’t all relevant to you but we can guarantee there most likely are people searching for the services you provide. Anyone looking for anything related to your business is a potential customer, what better way to connect with them than by positioning your business on page one of the search results. Without an SEO strategy in place, all those people searching for services or solutions related to your business will be going elsewhere. 

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